Hi! Nice to meet you!  My name is Simon.  I’m a Goldsmith,  originally from a small town near Vancouver in Canada, now living in London since 2010.

I did a goldmithing apprenticeship with my father in our family business which started my career in making jewellery and have been doing it for 12 years now. Initially in my apprenticeship I learned very traditional methods with my father.  I then went on to do a year in Vancouver where I learned to use a laser welder.  The laser is a remarkable tool.  I can weld things under a microscope with pinpoint accuracy, while holding them in my bare hands! It was a game changer.  When I went back to work with my dad,  I couldn’t go without so I insisted he got one.  After another year with the family business,  I wanted some adventure, so I moved to London.  I was employed as a goldsmith in a London workshop for 6 years.  After that,  it was time to set off on my own.

My style is fairly traditional.  Style-wise I tend only to add subtle differences to set things apart, and not to stray too far off the tried and tested and stick to my familiar strengths when left to my own devices.  But I feel that, in a sea of “mass produced” and things made to be cheap and to sell,  traditional,  when done to the best it can be done, is different enough indeed!  I prefer timeless things, just, done well!  That being said,  I do enjoy the challenge when someone wants something a little more brave and off the beaten track.  For example the Platinum Peacock Feather was a pleasure to work on.

I have found some of the most rewarding work to be repairs and restoration.  Jewellery almost always has a story and much sentimental value,  and when it gets damaged or worn,  it’s often very upsetting to it’s owner.  When someones already loved jewellery is brought back to life,  they are sometimes surprised it can be done.  And with so many shops turning repairs away,  people are sometimes quite grateful to have them done,  which makes it very rewarding indeed.  To have your repairs done,  click here.


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